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州长Gladys Berejiklian在今早的记者会中宣布



People in NSW will soon be able to visit each other as a social distancing restriction is being relaxed.

From Friday, May 1, two adults will be able to visit another household, Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Tuesday.


“We know for many people they’ve been cooped up in their homes for a number of weeks,” Berejiklian said.

“We want people to feel less isolated.

“We want better mental health but we also know that that comes with risks but I have inherent faith in the people of New South Wales that people will act responsibly.”

The premier added those with young children are allowed to take the kids with them on the visits.

“But I do want to stress that if you’re visiting someone who’s over 70 years of age or someone with a co-morbidity, you have to practice really good social distancing,” she said.

“If you have the mildest sniffle, do not go and visit anybody.

“If you’re feeling slightly unwell or fatigued, please do not risk it.”


‘Not a licence to go wild’

Berejiklian said she appreciates all the sacrifices everyone in NSW has made but warned people to be responsible.

“This isn’t a licence to go wild and have parties but it is a licence to be socially responsible and accept that the government is easing this restriction and to provide less social isolation and better mental health for everybody,” she said.

The premier added the government will not be limiting what the visits will entail.

“It is being able to go into someone’s house to support them,” Berejiklian said.

NSW health authorities are anticipating a rise in the number of coronavirus cases once the restriction is lifted.

“But that’s why we took the time in April when we had those restrictions to beef up our health supplies, to beef up capacity in hospitals to deal with extra cases but also to learn from the data we’ve had and to look at what is the best way to lift restrictions moving forward.”


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