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墨尔本大学Juris Doctor(法学博士)取消LSAT成绩要求, 看本科均分就行!





Changes to the Juris Doctor 2021 intake entry requirements

To support our future students in the face of the evolving global COVID-19 challenge, we have made changes to the entry requirements for the 2021 Juris Doctor intake. Applicants are not required to sit the LSAT and applications will be based on all tertiary results. This applies only to applicants for the 2021 intake. We expect to require applicants to sit the LSAT for the 2022 intake.


As applicants’ living, working and studying arrangements have been impacted differently around the world, we have decided to remove the LSAT for the 2021 intake to ensure that no one is disadvantaged while applying for our course. Find out more here.



Our Admissions team is working hard to get back to you

While we continue to be busy with semester 1 teaching, it is also a busy time right now for our Admissions Team. We are currently experiencing a high volume of applications and are prioritising semester 2 2020 mid-year applications first. Rest-assured, we’re working overtime to make sure you receive an outcome soon. Please make sure to check if any of your students need to provide further documentation or information to minimise any further delays. Thank you for your patience and we’ll be in touch soon with your application outcome.



墨尔本大学Juris Doctor(法学博士)取消LSAT成绩要求, 看本科均分就行!

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