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悉尼科技大学申请deadline时间调整,Bachelor of Nursing已关闭,其他专业截至时间为12月底。(针对2月份开学的学生,7月份开学不受影响




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Hi All,

Just a quick email to let you know some key dates for Autumn intake 2017.

The official Autumn intake 2017 application closing date is today however we will continue to accept applications until the end of December 2016. Please note that this does not apply to Bachelor of Nursing applications for which the closing date will remain as today.

We cannot guarantee that we can provide an outcome for applications submitted after 30 November 2016 since they are being submitted after the official closing date. Please provide complete documentation with any late applications to help us to reach an outcome quicker. You will need to provide evidence of the students studies onshore with the application plus a personal statement if the student is changing their study area.

Deadlines for Bachelor of Nursing applications:

Standard (3 year) and Accelerated (48cp credit recognition) Bachelor of Nursing
Deadline for additional documents: 15 Dec 2016
Acceptance Deadline: 6 Jan 2017

2-year Graduate Entry (24cp RPL)
Deadline for additional documents: 7 Dec 2016
Acceptance Deadline: 15 Dec 2016

Please note that these deadlines do not apply to existing Insearch package students or HSC students applying via UAC.


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