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UNSW Global is excited to launch the flagship of our English programs online – UEEC 10.

We are proud that this will be UNSW Global’s first purpose-built fully online direct entry English language course. UEEC 10 (online) has been developed in a new platform that engages students and teachers like never before in the online space.

While all UNSW Global programs will be online until we can resume face-to-face classes, the UEEC 10 (online) will be a permanent option for students who want to start and finish an English course online from the comfort of their homes.

Benefits of studying UEEC 10 (online)

  • 2020 intakes start in May, June, October or November
  • Progress to Term 3 2020 or Term 1 2021 at UNSW (Top 50 University worldwide) after just 10 weeks of English
  • Enter UNSW degree without any additional IELTS tests. See the entry requirements here
  • Enjoy a mix of pre-recorded lectures, live tutorials and activities for real time engagement with teachers and peers, plus the opportunity to revise at the student’s own pace
  • Extra support, a free intensive revision period at the end of the course, and a second chance to retake their final exam for those who need it
  • The platform provider partners with Alibaba Cloud to reduce the risk of firewall interruptions to study and ensure students in China enjoy improved connectivity
  • Direct access to our Student Support team on the phone, email or make an appointment through Moodle
  • Exciting new virtual UNSW Global community and student engagement plan including weekly emails with lots of fun activities
  • Live online orientation to help students adjust to online study, meet their teachers and our Student Support team. The step-by-step process is available on our website.

All new enrolments in this program from 23 April 2020 will benefit from a 20% reduction in tuition fees compared to the on-campus offering. For a revised offer, please contact admissions@unswglobal.unsw.edu.au.

The next intakes are 25 May 2020 or 29 June which progress to UNSW Term 3


We are writing to you with the latest updates from the University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching (CET).
In response to the current global situation, CET is offering all our DEC courses online to enable our students to start their degree at the University of Sydney as planned.


Our DEC courses provide students with a high quality and engaging learning experience that offers them all the support they need to develop their English language and academic skills, and fully prepare for their studies at University.


CET has received a lot of really positive feedback from our students currently studying our online DEC courses



· I have a good teacher and my classmates are interesting.

· I like teachers asking questions, it helps me think and talk in English.

· I think the clear timetable is really good. I can know what we will do today.

· The design of our homework can give me practice of my English after the class.

· Essay skills are excellent, and I have improve my reading and listening skills a lot by reading text.

This is just a few of the many positive comments our students are experiencing with DEC online.

Our DEC courses have been designed by our team of curriculum specialists and online learning designers, and provide students with a high quality, engaging learning experience while they develop their English and academic skills for University. Throughout the courses, students participate in live zoom sessions with their teachers, join live group work sessions with peers, and complete interactive activities in English online, and course outcomes are measured through secure online assessments. Students can also access CET’s full range of additional support activities, bonus lessons, well-being workshops and social activities that connect them with their peers, all online!

The two points below are extremely important when you complete enrolment. The information you provide is used to obtain a Unikey to access the online Learning Management System (LMS) platform called Canvas.
We MUST have accurate details when completing the application.


Once you have completed the enrolment process and provided the information required, we will contact the student directly with instructions to get online.
The student will be contacted to confirm their contact details via their personal email address provided in the application. It is a requirement that the student completes the confirm details form themselves. After this has been completed, they will be given the following:


· Unikey

· University of Sydney email

Students will then be required to set a Password via their phone number.


All students are required to join an online Orientation session. The Orientation will provide students with important information about studying at CET online and will feature an official welcome by the CET Director Katherine Olston.

A link will be sent once they have confirmed their enrolment. You are also welcome to join the session to see how it works.

所有的学生都被要求参加一个在线培训课程。该培训将为学生提供有关在CET在线学习的重要信息,并将由CET主任凯瑟琳·奥尔斯顿(Katherine Olston)为学生举行正式欢迎仪式。


Everything we do here at CET is about helping our students to reach their goals and prepare them for their degree programs. Every element of our face-2-face course that students would expect is now in our online delivery mode with the added benefit of gaining access anywhere in the world. Students can look forward to the following:


Live online training includes class discussion, group work and breakout rooms.

  • Learning support classes.
  • Access our well-being counsellors.
  • Join online activities to connect them to their peers socially.
  • Additional workshops to support academic skills.


(Hawthorn College提供)

As you are aware, Hawthorn-Melbourne transitioned to online classes for our current students on Monday 30th March. After four weeks of successful delivery in the online space, we are now excited to extend our Online Course offering to offshore students, giving them access to the same rich academic focus and outcomes for which we are known!

Our Online Course offering comprises three elements:

20 hours per week in a Live Classroom Environment with teachers and students. These scheduled classes will allow your students to meet their classmates, undertake activities and presentations in small groups with other students(synchronous learning).

Guided Individual Learning to support live classroom activities; guided learning activities can be completed anytime to fit with your student’s lifestyle (asynchronous learning).

One-to-One Consultations with the class teacher; students can book a weekly session to review their learning plans and study goals. These private sessions allow your student to focus on their learning needs and receive guidance in their studies to reach their full potential.

– The End –


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