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悉尼St. Maroun’s College – 圣马龙学院

悉尼St. Maroun's College - 圣马龙学院

St. Maroun’s College is centrally located in Sydney’s inner west, a very multicultural area of Sydney in proximity to the city.


The history of Saint Maroun’s College began in 1968.The growing demand by the parents for continued education in a culturally and linguistically adapted learning environment meant that the students would be offered a Secondary education as well. Therefore, the first group of Year 6 students progressed to Year 7 in 1998 who also continued as the first stream of Secondary Students to graduate from Year 12 in 2003.


St. Maroun’s College today is proud to be a multicultural melting pot, with students from more than 37 nationalities who work and learn together in an environment of harmony, tolerance, and love.


悉尼St. Maroun's College - 圣马龙学院


悉尼St. Maroun's College - 圣马龙学院

Subjects Overview 课程介绍

Religious Education:As a Maronite Catholic College under the guidance of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family, Religious Education is the lifeblood of St Maroun’s College. We aim to communicate to students our motto of Friendship, Faith, and Honesty and give them the skills to carry these values throughout their life.


English:The study of English is built around three core strands encompassing language, literature, and literacy. Across years 7-12, students study a balanced combination of all three in order to understand and apply skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking for the development of knowledge and personal enjoyment.



The study of Mathematics at St. Maroun’s College provides students with the opportunity to develop a sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts which enables students to gain confidence in investigating, interpreting and solving problems.

As part of the 7-12 study of Mathematics courses, the interactive online learning systems Pearson Mathspace is used by the students both in the classroom and at home. Students also have the opportunity to compete in Maths competitions such as ICAS as well as AMSI school initiatives. Internally, high school students are also provided with the opportunity to participate in a weekly mathematics competition to test their problem-solving abilities.


交互式在线学习系统Pearson Mathspace作为数学课程的一部分,被学生在课堂和家中使用。学生还有机会参加数学竞赛,如ICAS和AMSI学校计划。高中学生还有机会参加每周一次的数学竞赛,以测试他们解决问题的能力。

悉尼St. Maroun's College - 圣马龙学院

Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) is a broad group of subjects that encompass, primarily History and Geography in the Junior years and include a variety of subjects in Senior years.Students explore varied subjects in human society and its environment to learn about history, geography, people, societies and culture.


Science:The fundamental aim of the Science Faculty at St Maroun’s College is not only to teach the mandatory NSW Science Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum but to utilize an inquiry-based approach to assist students throughout Years 7 – 12 to understand key concepts.This provides all students with a broad education across all Sciences as well as a deep – grounded learning in specific areas of Science, for those students wishing to pursue future studies in Science at University.

科学:St Maroun学院科学系的基本目标不仅是为澳大利亚课程教授强制性的新南威尔士州科学课程大纲,而且还要利用探究的方法帮助学生在整个7 – 12年级学习。这为所有学生提供了科学的广泛教育,以及在特定科学领域的深入学习,为那些希望在大学继续学习科学的学生提供了基石。

悉尼St. Maroun's College - 圣马龙学院

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