2. 澳洲高中

澳洲高中 悉尼Macquarie Grammar麦考瑞文法学校

澳洲高中 悉尼Macquarie Grammar麦考瑞文法学校


Macquarie Grammar School is Sydney CBD’s only fully comprehensive, secular, independent, Yrs7-12 High School. Located just by the Queen Victoria’s Building, on Clarence Street, the School boasts an HSC-focussed curriculum with a strong emphasis on academic studies that will lead to students attaining an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) with less stress and a more focused approach. The booming population in Sydney’s CBD and inner suburbs has lead to a squeeze on local schools, leaving frustrated families stuck on long waiting lists, to access independent alternatives. Macquarie Grammar School favours a co-educational learning model with a 21st century outlook which is secular, co-educational, and open to all.


澳洲高中 悉尼Macquarie Grammar麦考瑞文法学校

Founded in 2004, the School’s mission is to provide an academic-based curriculum and prepare students for the Higher School Certificate (HSC), pre-vocational and University Education, and the workplace, by providing quality education to our students and fostering an enjoyment of and respect for learning. We value every student and have a respect for cultural diversity and inclusiveness.


Macquarie Grammar School is uniquely positioned to be a ‘School of the Future’, providing quality teaching and learning that leads to academic excellence, adapt strategically and efficiently to the ever changing world that our students are a part of.


澳洲高中 悉尼Macquarie Grammar麦考瑞文法学校

Macquarie Grammar School is a not-for-profit school for all students


Our constant purpose is to foster and maintain a tradition of developing students to be prepared for today’s world and that of the future; who are balanced in intellectual, emotional, social, and physical skills; are in possession of knowledge and attributes and a love of leaning for life;

我们的一贯宗旨是培养学生,为今天的世界和未来的世界做好准备; 使他们在智力,情感,社交和身体技能方面均衡;拥有知识,热爱生活;


High School Programme Entry Requirements

International students must fulfil both the minimum English and Academic requirements for entry into Macquarie Grammar School’s High School Programmes.
The minimum English language entry requirements are an IELTS equivalence of 5.0 for Years 7-10 and an IELTS equivalence of 5.5 for Years 11-12.
If you do not have the level of English needed for entry, you will be required to enrol in Macquarie Grammar School’s High School Preparation Programme (HSP).

国际学生必须达到进入麦格理文法学校高中课程的最低英语和学术要求。最低英语语言入学要求是7 – 10年级雅思成绩相当于5.0,11 – 12年级雅思成绩相当于5.5。如果没有所需的英语水平,将被要求参加麦格理文法学校的高中预备课程(HSP)


澳洲高中 悉尼Macquarie Grammar麦考瑞文法学校

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