2. 澳洲高中

澳洲中学 – St Scholastica女子学校2019招生简介

位于悉尼市中心的澳洲高中St Scholastica,是一所有着140年历史提供7-12年级教育的天主教女子学校。下面小U摘录了部分学校官网的信息供大家参考~

St Scholastica,是一所有着140年历史提供7-12年级教育的天主教女子学校。


At St Scholastica’s College, we strive to provide the very best learning opportunities. We recognise that education is a holistic process that supports the intellectual, creative, physical and emotional development of students. We provide a broad-based curriculum, which ensures a solid grounding in a wide range of subjects in addition to allowing students to pursue particular areas of interest and expertise.

在St Scholastica学院,我们努力提供最好的学习机会。我们认识到教育是一个整体过程,支持学生的智力,创造,身体和情感发展。我们提供广泛的课程,除了允许学生追求特定的兴趣和专业领域之外,还确保在广泛的科目中扎实基础。

The College follows the NSW curriculum of study set by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA, formerly BOSTES). The State sets the curriculum but we apply nuance and refinement to create the best academic opportunity for each student, irrespective of academic ability. Our staff work to maximise students’ personal and academic achievements as they progress to a post-school life in tertiary studies, technical or further education or employment.

学院遵循新南威尔士州教育标准局(NESA,前身为BOSTES)设定的新南威尔士州课程。但我们细化课程,为每个学生创造最好的学术机会。 我们的员工致力于提高学生在高等教育,技术或继续教育或就业方面中取得的个人和学术成就。

As a Catholic School, the study of Religious Education is compulsory in all years.


Our aim is to develop young women with a moral compass, well qualified and equipped to make their way in the world. We do this by instilling a love of learning, an inquiring mind and an entrepreneurial spirit. Students also benefit from exposure to a diverse school community featuring international, Indigenous and boarding students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

我们的目标是培养具有道德的年轻女性,她们具有良好的资格和能力,能够在世界上取得成功。 我们通过灌输对学习的热爱,探究的思想和企业家精神来实现这一目标。 学生还可以接触到来自不同国际背景的学生,土著学生等。

How to Enrol 如何申请

Please complete and submit an Application for Enrolment Form and attach the following documents: (申请表+以下文件)

  • Proof of your daughter’s English proficiency level (test certificate for IELTS, AEAS etc.)(英语能力证明:雅思或者AEAS)
  • Certified copies of your daughter’s school reports from her last two years at school and certified translations into English(过去两年在校成绩英文版)
  • Official examination certificates (translated into English)(官方考试成绩英文版)
  • A copy of your daughter’s birth certificate(出生证明)
  • A copy of your daughter’s Passport(护照)
  • Non-refundable application fee of $220(报名费$220)

International Student Fees 2019 (2019年国际生学费)




  • 一次性费用:1.申请费 $220 2.入学费 $330 3.建设费 $2000 4.校服 $1000
  • 每年:学费 $25380; 保险 $600



澳洲中学 - St Scholastica女子学校2019招生简介

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